A game which should be played by you!

It is now finally available. For those of you who like to play games on Facebook must be familiar with the game Boom Beach. Nevertheless, there are still many who are confused how to play the gameon Facebook correctly. Well, this time you will get information of how to play games on Facebook so that you could win them.

Before you play the game on Facebook or anywhere else, you must first know the basic game-play. In fact it is a game on Facebook with the main objective to preserve, collect and train a dragon which will then be sold to others who want to have it. Maintaining a dragon done in a city that is above the heavens, wherein each of the dragons has its own character and strength that consists of the basic elements of dragon-like water, earth, plant, fire, ice, electric, dark and metal.
In the game Boom Beach, we can marry several dragons exist at will, so that will produce a new dragon species because here there is no gender among the dragon so that we no longer need to choose regardless of gender difference.

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In addition to arranging the dragon beautiful city that are above the heavens, and the most exciting thing in the future here is that we can carry out a fight between dragons that we have with other dragons in the arena. It certainly can be done when it reaches a certain level after some time.

Goal to pit dragon that we keep with the other players in an arena is to win the game, where every player who won the match will get a prize. Because the game belongs to one of the most exciting games that are considered today, and truly you can use Boom Beach hack and cheats in it.

A really amazing game for everyone
Then we can marry several dragons at will we because here there is no gender among the dragon which later will generate new dragon species. In addition to arranging a beautiful city on the sky dragon, the most exciting thing here is that we can combat or battle dragon that we have with some other dragons in the arena later (if it reaches a certain level). In addition, we can also battle with the dragon overseas players, and if we managed to win some quests and we will get a prize.